Slides shown here are samples of my software development.
Product Packages offer tailored database solutions.





Feature explain the most important points.


Your final product is a Filemaker DATABASE file with modules and reports.


LEVEL refers to the suggested entity size. Individuals often need smaller solutions, while a Team and Company need abilities to coordinate data. Enterprise is a comprehensive software solution to run an entire operation. Regardless of your size I am happy to develop your Database as needed.


A MODULE is defined by a primary screen for a targeted use. Included are a number of fields with a variety of data types – text, numbers, images and calculations. Contacts is for customer, employee and vendor profiles. Tasks automate routine steps to increase productivity. Portfolio is for image pooling with automated date, size and format values. A Calendar module handles dates and can cross-reference data. Products is for managing inventory. Invoices is for accounts payable, receivable and shopping cart set up.


REPORTS collate your data as lists and are a valuable tool for analysis. I build reports which can be viewed on screen and printed.


SITE SYNC allows you to publish data on the internet. Push is the ability to enter data from your computer locally and have it displayed online. Pull is the ability to receive data from an online user to your server.


SCHEDULE is the STANDARD number of months required to build your Database. If you need it sooner, RUSH is available in half the time for twice the amount. EMERGENCY is NOT available for this Product.


Once your Database is complete, a Quickstart Guide is included to get you up and running. Should you need further SUPPORT, call me. SUPPORT beyond the complimentary time is available for $25/hour.


FMP ADDITIONAL The engine of your Database runs on Filemaker software. Runtime is a standalone application without internet or network ability. For other Packages, you either need to already own Filemaker or purchase it separately. Filemaker Pro sells for $299 and Advanced for $499. Both allow for web publishing ( Push only ). Filemaker Server is $999 and has the ability to Push + Pull data to and from customers on the internet.


USERS is the maximum number of people able to use the Database within your company. This is a suggested limit and varies according to the Filemaker software you own or need to purchase. A Filemaker Runtime allows for 1 user. Filemaker Pro allows for up to 5 simultaneous users. Filemaker Pro Advanced allows for up to 10 users. Filemaker Server allows for up to 250 users.


STEPS are what I will need from you:
+ Criteria: module needs, visual preferences
+ Parts: logo, operations flow, sample data
+ Revisions: corrections
+ Finalization: sign-off


A CUSTOM Database Package can be created for you. Alternate modules may be proposed in place of the standard modules presented here. Additional modules and features – such as barcode scanning, budget projections, email tracking, financial reports and routine updates – can be included for an additional fee.


The Terms & Conditions for Products is a 24 point agreement. Ground rules to keep us happy!
Thanks Candy