Slides shown here are samples of my literary tomes.
Product Packages offer book cover design and typesetting.


  • Design + e-Book
  • 5 x 8 or 6 x 9 Size
  • 50 Pages
  • Cover
  • B&W Inside
  • 2 Week Schedule


  • Design + e-Book
  • 5 x 8 or 6 x 9 Size
  • 100 Pages
  • Cover
  • Color Inside
  • 3 Week Schedule


  • Design + e-Book
  • 7 square or 8 x 10 Size
  • 150 Pages
  • Cover
  • Color Inside
  • 4 Week Schedule


  • Design + e-Book
  • 12 square or 11 x 13 Size
  • 200 Pages
  • Cover
  • Color Inside
  • 5 Week Schedule
Features below explain the most important points.


Your final DESIGN product will be a PDF e-Book. The file will be high resolution and ready for press. For content I can use your imagery, stock photography ( extra fee ) or you can purchase my Art Work, Collage, Photography and Writing ( for Editing ) products.


SIZE for the Basic and Plus Packages is 5″ x 8″ or 6″ x 9″.
The Pro Package is available as 7″ square or 8″ x 10″, horizontal or vertical orientation.
The Stellar Package is offered as 12″ square or 13″ x 11″, horizontal only.


PAGES are the maximum number of inside pages, excluding the cover.


COVERS will be designed in FULL COLOR for 4 color process.


INSIDE pages for the Basic Package will be designed for black and white imagery and type. Plus, Pro and Stellar Packages will be set up in FULL COLOR for 4 color process.


SCHEDULE is the STANDARD number of weeks required to design your Book. If you need it sooner, RUSH is in half the time for twice the amount or EMERGENCY is in a third of the time for triple the amount.


STEPS are what I will need from you:
+ Criteria: color and style preferences
+ Parts: logo, images, text
+ Revisions: corrections
+ Finalization: sign-off


A CUSTOM Book Package can be created for you. Different number of pages, dust jackets, embossing, end papers, inserts and spot colors may be requested. Printing is available online via Blurb.


The Terms & Conditions for Products is a 24 point agreement. Ground rules to keep us happy!
Thanks Candy