Slides shown here are samples of my shutterbug love.
Product Packages offer well rounded photography.


  • Photography
  • 30 Min Event
  • 25 Shots
  • 4 Prints
  • 2 Touchups
  • 2 Size Sets
  • Free Shipping
  • 4 Day Schedule


  • Photography
  • 1 Hour Event
  • 50 Shots
  • 6 Prints
  • 3 Touchups
  • 3 Size Sets
  • Free Shipping
  • 5 Day Schedule


  • Photography
  • 2 Hour Event
  • 75 Shots
  • 8 Prints
  • 4 Touchups
  • 4 Size Sets
  • Free Shipping
  • 6 Day Schedule


  • Photography
  • 3 Hour Event
  • 100 Shots
  • 10 Prints
  • 5 Touchups
  • 5 Size Sets
  • Free Shipping
  • 7 Day Schedule
Features below explain the most important points.


PHOTOGRAPHY provides new and original content for your promotional needs. Your final product will be a digital proof sheet, a batch of Prints and digital Size Sets for download or on CD disk. Photography is shot in standard 4:3 ratio. Traditional 3:2 and letterbox 16:9 are optional. Photography is great for Annual Reports, Brochures, Presentations, Social Traffic and Websites.


An EVENT is a social gathering or a timed assignment. Common EVENTs are staff barbecues, conference meetings, fundraisers or product launch parties, amongst others.


The number of SHOTS corresponds to your Package and each SHOT will be a varied photograph. Coverage will be planned out in advance. Common subjects I like to include are portraits, candids, landscapes, facilities, patterns and products.


A batched number of full color PRINTS are offered with your Package. PRINTS are produced with an inkjet on special matte or gloss paper. Select from your proof sheet the images you would like printed. Select the size of your PRINTS from one of your chosen Size Sets. Free firstclass USPS shipping is included.


TOUCHUPS indicate the number of photos that will be corrected. Color, contrast, specks, hot spots and red eyes are common problems which could use fixing. TOUCHUPS ensure the most valuable images are treated with the care they deserve.


SIZE SETS are digital groupings of your Shots at a set size. SIZE SET choices are available for web ( 100 dpi ) or print ( 300 dpi ). Select a high res size for your Prints:

+ 1″ x 1.5″ + 4″ x 6″ + 7″ x 9.5″
+ 2″ x 3″ + 5″ x 7″ + 8″ x 10″
+ 3″ x 4″ + 6″ x 9″ + 9″ x 12″


SCHEDULE is the STANDARD number of business days after the event required to deliver your Photography. If you need it sooner, RUSH is in half the time for twice the amount or EMERGENCY is in a third of the time for triple the amount.


STEPS are what I will need from you:
+ Criteria: event logistics, requested shots
+ Parts: location access, products
+ Revisions: Print and Touchup selections
+ Finalization: sign-off


A CUSTOM Photography Package can be created for you. Additional event hours, images and coverage can be arranged. Need more image corrections? Consider my Production Product to meet all of your restoration and touchup requirements.


The Terms & Conditions for Products is a 24 point agreement. Ground rules to keep us happy!
Thanks Candy