Slides shown here are samples of my styling web development.
Product Packages offer website craftsmanship.


  • Web Design
  • 1-4 Pages
  • 1 Products
  • Shopping Cart
  • 1 Week Schedule
  • 15 Min Support


  • Web Design
  • 5-9 Pages
  • 2 Products
  • Shopping Cart
  • 2 Weeks Schedule
  • 30 Min Support


  • Web Design
  • 10-19 Pages
  • 3 Products
  • Shopping Cart
  • 4 Week Schedule
  • 45 Min Support


  • Web Design
  • 20-29 Pages
  • 4 Products
  • Shopping Cart
  • 8 Week Schedule
  • 60 Min Support
Features below explain the most important points.


WordPress is the industry standard for Content Management System WEB DESIGN. Its intuitive interface allows for easy access and updates directly from your internet browser. The built-in MySQL database works quietly in the background without the need for user maintenance. While development is demanding – css, html, php, plugins, security – I create solid, functioning and beautiful websites. My Media and Promo products offer new content for Art Work, Logos, Photography, Videos and Writing.


PAGES are the different screens of your website and appear as menu options. A PAGE is made of text, images, links and typically includes a header, 1-3 subsections, a sidebar and a footer. Clients usually like About, Blog, Contact, FAQ, News, Products, Shop, Cart to name a few.


Your PRODUCT pages are your salespeople presenting the most useful information and imagery. Your PRODUCTS can have variants to choose from with adjusted pricing. Possibilities for your CART – or Shopping Cart – are customer registration, login, invoicing, coupon intake, checkout, shipping and payment options.


SCHEDULE is the STANDARD number of weeks required to build the website. If you need it sooner, RUSH is in half the time for twice the amount or EMERGENCY is in a third of the time for triple the amount.


Once your website is complete, a Quickstart Guide is included to get you up and running. Should you need further SUPPORT, call me. SUPPORT beyond the complimentary time is available for $50/hour.


STEPS are what I will need from you:
+ Criteria: Pages needed, color and visual preferences, favorite websites
+ Parts: domain, logo, images, text, product and merchant info
+ Revisions: corrections
+ Finalization: sign-off


A CUSTOM Website Package can be created for you. I can generate HTML websites in Dreamweaver, advanced interface and motion in Flash and specialized database websites in Filemaker. I’m happy to point you in the right direction with domain naming and purchasing.



The Terms & Conditions for Products is a 24 point agreement. Ground rules to keep us happy!
Thanks Candy