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Slides shown here are samples of my internet campaigns.
Monthly Plans offer quality traffic services.


  • Monthly Plan
  • ----- SETUP -----
  • Google Analytics
  • Opt-In Subscribers
  • SEO Keywords
  • 2 Social Sites
  • ----- ROUTINE -----
  • Campaign Jolt
  • 10 Social Posts
  • 1 Tracked Emails
  • Monthly Report


  • Monthly Plan
  • ----- SETUP -----
  • Google Analytics
  • Opt-In Subscribers
  • SEO Keywords
  • 3 Social Sites
  • ----- ROUTINE -----
  • Campaign Jolt
  • 15 Social Posts
  • 2 Tracked Emails
  • Monthly Report


  • Monthly Plan
  • ----- SETUP -----
  • Google Analytics
  • Opt-In Subscribers
  • SEO Keywords
  • 4 Social Sites
  • ----- ROUTINE -----
  • Campaign Jolt
  • 20 Social Posts
  • 3 Tracked Emails
  • Monthly Report


  • Monthly Plan
  • ----- SETUP -----
  • Google Analytics
  • Opt-In Subscribers
  • SEO Keywords
  • 5 Social Sites
  • ----- ROUTINE -----
  • Campaign Jolt
  • 25 Social Posts
  • 4 Tracked Emails
  • Monthly Report
Features below explain the most important points.


The Social Traffic MONTHLY PLAN increases your online visits and the awareness of your brand and products. Once the second month begins I will automatically charge your account for your chosen Monthly Plan – Basic, Plus, Pro or Stellar. I offer a discount for continued service starting on the 3rd month as follows:

Months   3 to   6 = 10% Discount
Months   7 to 10 = 15% Discount
Months   11+       = 20% Discount


Social Traffic Monthly Plans – a two step process in delivering your online marketing.

SETUP is performed in the first month of your Plan:
+ Google Analytics           + SEO Keywords
+ Opt-In Subscribers         + Social Sites

ROUTINE is performed in the following months of your Plan:
+ Campaign Jolt               + Tracked Emails
+ Social Posts                  + Monthly Report


GOOGLE ANALYTICS for your website offers the industry standard in monitoring traffic patterns, tracking page visit counts, length of visits and more. Once you purchase a Monthly Plan, I will setup, test and introduce you to your GOOGLE ANALYTICS. Facebook and Klout analytic stats may also be monitored.


Customer interest and retention is critical. A great marketing technique for this is collecting the email addresses of happy visitors, or OPT-IN SUBSCRIBERS. I can help you install this feature on your website so that you’re ready to welcome new customers and keep in touch.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is an important process where internet portals, such as Bing, Google and Yahoo, index your website so that customers may type in a query online and find you. The SEO KEYWORDS is a paragraph of single words and short phrases, brainstormed from the solutions you offer. I will expand your SEO KEYWORDS and add them to your website.


There are many SOCIAL SITES for social networking. I work with the following platforms: Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Google+, Instagram, Klout, LinkedIn, LoveIt, MySpace, Pinterest, Polyvore, Twitter, Vimeo, Yelp, YouTube and more. Whether you are just starting up or have existing accounts, I can help with brand consistency, profile design and management. I can also help you setup a BLOG on your website and include this as one of your SOCIAL SITES.


The signal you send to your public can change on occasion or on a regular basis. CAMPAIGN JOLT is an update to cover photos, profile images or main descriptions such as your slogan, heading or catch phrases. A CAMPAIGN JOLT is available once per month and is optional.


A SOCIAL POST is a single user entry that displays on a Social Site such as Facebook, Twitter or your BLOG. The same 5 posts will be distributed through each Social Site throughout the month. Regular postings are a great way to share with your audience your campaigns, events, news and promotions.


TRACKED EMAILS will be created and sent to your subscriber list. I will design an HTML email with imagery and writing to match your current campaign. I monitor who opens their email, who clicks on links or if they unsubscribe. The TRACKED EMAIL behavior response is valuable in understanding your customers’ interest.


The following marketing efforts are summarized in your MONTHLY REPORT:

+ Google Analytics
+ Opt-In Subscribers
+ SEO Keywords
+ Campaign Jolt
+ Social Posts
+ Tracked Emails
+ What’s working
+ New suggestions


STEPS are what I will need from you:

+ Opt-In Subscribers: website FTP login to add this feature
+ SEO Keywords: a paragraph of short and simple phrases
+ Social Sites: may need owner authorization for admin access
+ Campaign Jolt: new imagery, text and information
+ Social Posts: your latest event, message or offer
+ Tracked Emails: your final confirmation
+ Monthly Reports: possible feedback


CUSTOM features are available at extra rates:

+ Banner Ads
+ Live Customer Service Chats
+ Online Surveys
+ Pay Per Click Ads
+ Popup Coupons
+ other tools

Please feel free to inquire.


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The Terms & Conditions for Products is a 24 point agreement. Ground rules to keep us happy!
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